A History of Leadership

Syngenta hosts Leadership At Its Best with a mission to empower the ag community to lead—planting the seed of impactful engagement from field to legislation.
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A partnership supporting the U.S. Ag community.


Syngenta, a global leader in agriculture and innovative solutions, is renowned for its transformative leadership development initiative called “Leadership At Its Best.” This comprehensive program is designed to empower and cultivate visionary leaders within the ag industry, equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge to drive positive policy change. Through a series of educational training modules, insights, legislative insight, and developing powerful networks, Syngenta’s Leadership At Its Best program aims to foster a new generation of leaders who can effectively address complex challenges and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Proactive Ag Leadership At Its Best


Syngenta initiated the Leadership At Its Best (LAIB) Program with a strong commitment to advancing American agriculture and sharing knowledge across the industry. Recognizing the importance of effective communication and advocacy in promoting agriculture, Syngenta saw an opportunity to empower growers and agricultural professionals with the skills to articulate their stories to legislators and regulators.

For over three decades, LAIB has been a collaborative advocacy program alongside agricultural associations and commodity groups, equipping participants with essential leadership skills such as impactful networking, public speaking, media training, storytelling, and lobbying. By enhancing these skills, program participants become stronger leaders and advocates for agriculture, gaining the confidence to represent their organizations, even in challenging environments.

Syngenta’s substantial investment in LAIB, covering training, travel, lodging, and meal expenses, underscores the company’s belief in building stronger advocates for agriculture and fostering critical life skills in those who have the potential to lead the industry toward a brighter future.

Syngenta: Advancing Agriculture through Sustainable Innovation and Global Commitment


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Syngenta has an ambitious vision is to become the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture, providing cutting-edge seeds and crop protection innovations that enhance farmers’ prosperity, regardless of their location. Syngenta’s commitment to this vision focuses on fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, making four ambitious global commitments to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint and support farmers facing extreme weather patterns due to climate change.

At the core of Syngenta’s business lies the innovative protection of crops and improvement of seeds. Through world-class science, the company empowers farmers with technologies, knowledge, and services that enable sustainable and responsible production of better food, feed, fiber, and fuel. By collaborating not only with growers but also with academia, NGOs, businesses, and governments, Syngenta ensures that its research and development efforts address the diverse needs of nature, farmers, and consumers, creating value for all stakeholders and contributing to a more resilient and thriving agricultural future.