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2024 Leadership
At Its Best 

January 29-February 2, 2024
Washington DC


LAIB Leadership Conference 2023 Cohort

What is the purpose of the Leadership At Its Best Program

The LAIB program is a community outreach initiative sponsored by Syngenta, without any sales obligations or quid pro quo expected. The motivation is to contribute to the agricultural industry and partner organizations, helping to strengthen the next generation of leaders and ensure a stronger network of voices advocating for farmers in local, state, and national legislation. 

Why does Syngenta support the Leadership At Its Best Program

The LAIB program is offered to safeguard access to technology, science-based regulation, and the freedom to operate while promoting the sharing of farmers’ sustainability stories. Through this program, we aim to establish a more robust network amplifying the voice of farmers in legislative matters. It is important to note that this initiative is not a sales tactic; rather, it is specifically designed to provide leadership skills, foster fellowship, and promote collaboration within the agricultural industry. We firmly believe in the power of unity and collaboration, recognizing that together, we are stronger and better equipped to address the challenges and opportunities facing our industry.

Can I bring a friend or spouse to the Leadership At Its Best Program?

As part of the program, we offer each nominee airfare and single room accomodations during the event. Your time during the event will be dedicated to learning and networking with the 2024 Cohort of LAIB Leaders. If you would like to bring a friend to stay in your room, that is acceptable, but guests will not be included in meals, events, or tours offered as part of the LAIB program. We suggest requested extended dates on your airfare before or after and spending some time exploring DC with your friend/partner/spouse joining you during that time. To do this, you can adjust your airfare arrival or departure dates in the registration form. Please note that you are responsible for accomodations before January 28 and after February 3, 2024.

Will I have time to explore DC on my own?

We do try to work in personal time to explore D.C., however due to scheduling requirements, time to expore D.C. is not guaranteed. 

Am I expected to use Syngenta products?

There is no expectation that you use Syngenta products before or after being a part of this program. 

What should I bring?

The dress during most of the week is business casual and professional attire during the lobbying visit to Capital Hill. We recommend a pair of comfortable shoes for walking during tours. Other than that, please bring personal items you normally bring on a work trip.

Can I book my own airfare and accomodations?

To ensure a smooth experience for the entire cohort, Leadership At Its Best will handle all of the complimentary travel arrangements. Please note that there won’t be any reimbursement or stipend provided for travel or accommodations.

What is covered?

Airfare to and from DC (you choose departure airport), accomodations between January 29-February 2, 2024, meals, programming, ride share Uber/Lyft (you will be given a perdium of $125 worth of Visa Cards) to and from airport in DC.

What is not included?

Each participant is responsible to get to their departure airport, parking at your departure airport, and any personally arranged tours, personal items, tips, outings, souvenirs, any other non-program expenses/meals and unexpected changes/adjustments to your travel plans. 

What is the deadline to respond?

Please respond by August 4, 2023

What are the expectations of each nominee?

As taking part of this program, the expectations are that you are able to dedicate this week to learning, networking, and participate fully in the program. You will be asked to provide a headshot and a personal bio prior to the event. (We will email you instructions after registration.)